Sunday, October 25, 2009

bald woman

I keep drawing bald women. I think it's because I am not really good at figuring out hairstyles. Maybe I should work on that.

the vampire family

I was reading Sherlock Holmes and I had this idea for a graphic novel about a vampire family during the victorian era. I have some stuff written but I need to get the rest down. It's pretty dark and dry humor. Of course I think it's very funny. Today I drew part of the family. The story starts, "There once was a boy with very sharp teeth." I had some stuff scanned and I think I posted it on a different blog but I redrew the characters and I like them much better now. The father doesn't have hands yet because I think I'll move his arms. I know the pose of his legs isn't physically possible either.


I had a great traveling experience. Actually I hated my 9 hour flight because the person next to me always slept the whole time and I couldn't get out so my legs swelled up. Not to mention the charming security staff at the SLC airport. Talk about crabby! I sketched the mean lady who didn't like me waiting for a woman in a wheel chair, the guy who told me what comet was on my shirt, and my super cool airplane. Never get a seat behind the engines if you can possibly avoid it for the flights across the ocean. Plus, window seats aren't so great because you have to keep the window closed almost the whole time.


Here are some sketches I've done recently. Nothing too exciting. I watched Rob Roy and drew a sort of Scottish woman? And then I drew this planet or atom woman. I drew a guy too but he looked like Braveheart so he's not going to make a debut here.