Tuesday, November 17, 2009

illustration friday - unbalanced

All fairy tales contain unbalanced characters, a step-mother who has to wear red hot iron shoes as punishment, a girl who gets her feet cut off cause she bought red shoes, mute wives suspected of cannibalism, you know what I'm talking about but I'm sure the first fairy tale that came to your mind as the most unbalanced was the tale of Olga Von Kurtzenberger in the story of "Der Cinder Frauline" by Hans Christian Grimm. Who can forget the introduction..."Once upon a time there lived a very poor girl who was horribly abused by her step-mother and any other step-relations she may have had. Her father had no interest in her and therefore let her suffer perhaps because his new wife was so hot. Poor Olga Von Kurtzenberger was made to sleep on the logs in the fireplace which earned her the name of 'Der Cinder Frauline' and a ruptured disc of her 7th vertebrae. But one day her horrid luck and parental neglect would came to an end for while Olga was pulling weeds in the kitchen garden what should she find but a mystical shrunken head! It would grant her every wish with its magical glowing...." But of course you all know this story already! So this is my unbalanced submission for this week. Enjoy folks!