Monday, June 3, 2013

Kisa now

"That baby's so cute.  Isn't he?" ~ Kaylee says about her cousin Kisa and who could argue?  Except the gender part but we're all learning right?


She had a bit of a tough time getting here but that was 4 months ago!  Now my tiny baby girl is able so stand and coo and all sorts of things!  She is pure joy and a huge blessing.

So happy!

Just a few pictures from the wedding. It was so beautiful and I had so much help from my family who made it gorgeous and though I say it myself, the most fun wedding I've ever been to.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


A funny little monster guy that I like. I was going to fix these up and then post them but it was taking so long, here's the roughs. I have more ideas for him.


Just another character study for a comic I was thinking about and decided not to do it. This guy was just one of the characters and I can't even remember what it was supposed to be about. I was writing it all because I thought it would be funny if there was a group of intergalactic smugglers who work together and they get a new guy. So they're introducing him around and they come to Yuri who's from Russia and they get the new guy to ask Yuri what he's going to do with all his money and Yuri (very excited that someone wants to listen to his dream) says, "Some day I will buy my own country and it will be free and prosperous and I will name it after me (some snickering from the others) and I will call it Yuri-nation!" And the snickers burst into laughter and that was the whole driving force behind this comic. This character wasn't Yuri. I'll scan him later.


It's the character study of Minnow, the main character in a brand new fairy tale I've been thinking about and writing a bit about for the last...4 years now? I have too many stories in my head and not enough time! One of them has to be good.

The very beginning

I keep beginning comics all based around the premise of being in a room that's a trap with a lowering spiky ceiling and everything just because I think it would be hillarious for one of the guys in it to tell the woman not to worry because if the ceiling gets too low he'll brace it with his body. It makes me laugh. So here's the beginning of one story I gave up on. It's the typical military girl and roguish guy marry on accident and get trapped in the lobby of his secret lair only to set off the alarm and so the ceiling is going to crush them because he forgot the password. I know, lame.

Monsters and an Alien in the wind

Some more creatures I was sketching.

Real Vampire theory #1 & 2

Vampires are the undead, so if they cut themselves they can't heal. I submit that vampires become desicated corpses and so they spread tales that they are young and sexy forever and thus lure morons to their deaths and slow rotting nights. Here is my interpretation of one such idiot who is beginning to show her emaciation. No wonder they stay in the dark! I also think that if a vampire drank as much blood as they do in movies they'd be more like ticks and should pop when stabbed with stakes, but that is another project I'm working on.


Another personal project I'm working on. It's called SHE-MAN and it's a parody of She-ra and He-man. I have the first issue all roughed out but it's slow going when you have to work at a real job...or two. I better finish it soon or I can't justify buying season one and two of She-ra...for reference of course.

Mrs. Beckmann

These are a couple character sketches I did for a short story I wrote about a boy and his zombie baby-sitter, it's so heart warming. It's a rough sneak peak, we'll see how it turns out.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My little monsters

I drew about twenty of these guys a month or so ago. Now I'm painting them and I really like how they are turning out. I was feeling a little dark the last couple of days (I'm sure you can tell without me writing that) so they are a tad bit scary I guess...well one of them anyway.

The Cardinal

I finally finished scary sword guy and I even named him. I like how it turned out but I think it needs more headstones and stuff. You may also notice that I actually signed it. Yes yes I know it's about time. I finally figured out a signature that I liked which is a really big deal for me. So now you'll see it on EVERYTHING!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A monster

I love drawing monsters and for a day or two all I did was draw monsters. Here's one of them, I'll post more later.


I thought I'd post a couple pictures of my trip to Japan.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

illustration friday - unbalanced

All fairy tales contain unbalanced characters, a step-mother who has to wear red hot iron shoes as punishment, a girl who gets her feet cut off cause she bought red shoes, mute wives suspected of cannibalism, you know what I'm talking about but I'm sure the first fairy tale that came to your mind as the most unbalanced was the tale of Olga Von Kurtzenberger in the story of "Der Cinder Frauline" by Hans Christian Grimm. Who can forget the introduction..."Once upon a time there lived a very poor girl who was horribly abused by her step-mother and any other step-relations she may have had. Her father had no interest in her and therefore let her suffer perhaps because his new wife was so hot. Poor Olga Von Kurtzenberger was made to sleep on the logs in the fireplace which earned her the name of 'Der Cinder Frauline' and a ruptured disc of her 7th vertebrae. But one day her horrid luck and parental neglect would came to an end for while Olga was pulling weeds in the kitchen garden what should she find but a mystical shrunken head! It would grant her every wish with its magical glowing...." But of course you all know this story already! So this is my unbalanced submission for this week. Enjoy folks!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

bald woman

I keep drawing bald women. I think it's because I am not really good at figuring out hairstyles. Maybe I should work on that.

the vampire family

I was reading Sherlock Holmes and I had this idea for a graphic novel about a vampire family during the victorian era. I have some stuff written but I need to get the rest down. It's pretty dark and dry humor. Of course I think it's very funny. Today I drew part of the family. The story starts, "There once was a boy with very sharp teeth." I had some stuff scanned and I think I posted it on a different blog but I redrew the characters and I like them much better now. The father doesn't have hands yet because I think I'll move his arms. I know the pose of his legs isn't physically possible either.


I had a great traveling experience. Actually I hated my 9 hour flight because the person next to me always slept the whole time and I couldn't get out so my legs swelled up. Not to mention the charming security staff at the SLC airport. Talk about crabby! I sketched the mean lady who didn't like me waiting for a woman in a wheel chair, the guy who told me what comet was on my shirt, and my super cool airplane. Never get a seat behind the engines if you can possibly avoid it for the flights across the ocean. Plus, window seats aren't so great because you have to keep the window closed almost the whole time.


Here are some sketches I've done recently. Nothing too exciting. I watched Rob Roy and drew a sort of Scottish woman? And then I drew this planet or atom woman. I drew a guy too but he looked like Braveheart so he's not going to make a debut here.