Monday, April 9, 2007


Here is my final for digital. It turned out okay, but the horse looks like he was carved out of wood...or chocolate. Anyway, I'm done!


petitechoochoo said...

mmmmm chocolate

uglymuffin said...

Hi ya there! What are you doing for the summer? Are you back in Smoot? Hope you have a great summer, just so you know, it's boring without your creative genius :)

see ya,

Tinklemeyer said...

Hi pal. It's boring without my fellow geniuses too...but I am consoling myself by doing some short films. I almost have all the stuff I need I have the first one planned out and I will put it on YouTube ASAP. I need your input so I'll e-mail you when it's done. I have 3 I want to do this summer for sure and I have about 15 others that I should write scripts for. We'll see how it goes.