Friday, July 11, 2008

Value and Saturation

Our assignment in Advanced Illustration was to paint the same drawing twice and to use saturation on one and value in the other to emphasize different parts of the painting and to learn how you can change the meaning of a painting by changing one or the other. That was a long sentence, hope you got though it okay.


Cliff Mills said...

Thanks Miss Casey! I know I made the right decision because its making me a happy man. So what are you doing now that your not stressing over school now? You need to post your superhero paintings when you get a chance too!

Cliff Mills said...

Its gouache on the skull, horns, and bottom of drapery. However I am still working the middle part out digitally. I am trying to come up with a design so I can use as a t-shirt design for bands but I am at a loss. I would be happy for suggestions though!

Laura said...

One is about the ducky, the other is about umbrella man! I get it! :P Great example Casey. I miss you btw.