Wednesday, December 3, 2008

first costumes

This is one in a series of three that I did for a final in one of Huntsman's classes. This is catwoman and she's doing what cats do. I can't find Robin and he's the funniest. Batman is too big to scan and my camera is acting funny so I can't put him up yet. I think I'll rework this one and maybe actually get some reference...somehow.


Josh said...

that is strange Casey kinda funny though

uglymuffin said...

Hey Chum...p,

You know you can scan batman and piece him back together again right? I'm glad to see you are posting somewhat more regularly. Post more! NOW! Also, check out my newest posting on my blog and tell me if you think I have a story there. Maybe we could flesh it out together and make an alliance. I would have emailed but I don't have your address, I'll have to steal from the wife, perhaps...smell you later.

T.Brown said...

Kasee We need to talk to you... its about your father.... He may not be who you think he is, but more than likely he is... in any case you cant afford to chance it... or can you? I need a nap. Email me Casey we miss you.

PS. Aiden says hello.

Laura Wegkamp said...

Casey needs to do more posts. Nice flexy, sexy lady cat.