Friday, July 11, 2008

Value and Saturation

Our assignment in Advanced Illustration was to paint the same drawing twice and to use saturation on one and value in the other to emphasize different parts of the painting and to learn how you can change the meaning of a painting by changing one or the other. That was a long sentence, hope you got though it okay.

Vampire Hunter

So I decided it would be funny if a confident vampire hunter waits until the last second to turn and stab the vampire (as they usually do) but this time she doesn't turn soon enough and moments later she's batchow. For some reason it's hilarious to me, I laugh just thinking about it. This was also done in Huntsman's media experimentation class. And no, Ray, those are old-fashioned riding pants NOT giant hips.


I'm not sure what to call this one. My friend Karrah posed for the evil looking man. Obviously I changed my photo reference a bit. ha ha. This was for Huntsman's Media Experimentation class. It's now the only style I work in...acrylic sand-off that is.

China girl

This was an assignment for advanced illustration with Huntsman. He had us choose warm light/cool shadow, cool light/warm shadow, or monochromatic. We also were supposed to use complimentary colors. This is from a doodle based on a little dangly ninja keychain Karrah (my best friend) gave me from China.