Friday, October 26, 2007


We got the assignment to illustrate "Pioneers" it had to be historically accurate. This was a color study for that assignment. Our assignment changed to painting self-portraits but I might finish this someday. I'm sure sometime somewhere during the drive across the plains something like this happened. I have a suspicion they weren't somber and serious all the time. I have an inkling that they actually laughed and had fun sometimes.


Sheridan said...

If you finish this one I would love a copy! This is so true! Babies are constantly getting into trouble and keep mothers on their toes no matter what century it is...for example Wyatt (18 months) stuck a hotwheel convertible in the "fun little door" of my vaccum cleaner (Where you plug in the hose attachment). At first I couldn't figure out how come my vaccum lost it's suction...he pulled all my cards out of my wallet and then shoved one in the floppy disk drive of the computer...and just today he shoved a hanger in between the closed toilet seat and the toilet bowl and crawled into and got himself stuck in the dirty clothes hamper.

Tinklemeyer said...

It's a good thing babies are cute. And Wyatt is definitely a cute baby.

Mark McKenna said...

This is hilarious. I can't wait to have my little girl into everything, as long as it isn't a cow pie or worse.