Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Sandwich

Okay, so some people don't believe ADD is a real thing, you're just blaming something for your don't need pills...just deal with it...etc. etc. Here is an example of what I'm like when my pills wear off.
The Sandwich:
Inner dialogue and action taking a little less than 5 minutes:
Where's the lettuce? where's the lettuce...can't find the lettuce...did my sister eat all that lettuce? How could someone eat that much lettuce? Guess I'll use the iceberg...too bad I liked the greenleaf better...tomato...mustard...mayo...bread. Put it on the counter...oh there's the greenleaf, it was in my hand the whole time...somethings missing? What is missing? The meat is missing. Turn around open fridge, open the meat drawer, what was I looking in here for? Close the meat drawer, look around, pomegranate juice...I've never had that before, that would be good with a sandwich, close the fridge put the juice on the counter. I better make my sandwich, something's missing? What is missing? Meat! I forgot the meat, turn around grab the pastrami and the pickles. Make the sandwich. Kretschmar Braunschwieger...braunschweiger? We didn't buy sliced braunschweiger, it was in a package. I ordered pastrami, isn't this pastrami? It looks like pastrami, smells like pastrami. It's cheaper than pastrami, pastrami is $6.99 a pound and I got a half pound, this says $3.99 a pound. Next time I go to the store I should tell them I owe them for pastrami, what should I say if they want to know who sliced it for me? She was nice I don't want to get her in trouble, should I lie and say I don't know, should I say "some girl I don't know"? What would they do? Fire her? Will I go to hell for not checking the bag before I checked out? Is it a sin to not say anything? Was the girl testing me to see if I was honest? I didn't even look at the bag and just threw them in the cart. I spent too much on meat I should have bought more vegetables...Focus Casey Focus! I need to cut the tomatos. Make your sandwich! Cut the tomatos, where's the cutting board? I don't know...cut my fingers but not too deep, it's okay. Assemble sandwich cut in half. Put everything away, pour some pomegranate juice and sit at my desk. Where's my sandwich?


ArtbyAshley said...

LOL!!!! I swear this is me......maybe I am ADD....thanks for the wake up call!

David Theriault said...

Very funny... :)
Makes me want a sandwich. :)

Tiffni said...

Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ahh! I miss you that's a good one.

Tinklemeyer said...

by the way, pomegranate juice is gross, especially if you put airbourne in it.

Jennifer T. said...

Yay, you're back! I kept checking your blog a while back and thought you'd abandoned it! Do you have a website yet? If not let me know when you do! This was great.