Sunday, June 19, 2011

Real Vampire theory #1 & 2

Vampires are the undead, so if they cut themselves they can't heal. I submit that vampires become desicated corpses and so they spread tales that they are young and sexy forever and thus lure morons to their deaths and slow rotting nights. Here is my interpretation of one such idiot who is beginning to show her emaciation. No wonder they stay in the dark! I also think that if a vampire drank as much blood as they do in movies they'd be more like ticks and should pop when stabbed with stakes, but that is another project I'm working on.


Laura Wegkamp said...

Casey, you are so funny! I love all your new sketches. You have some really great ideas here. Like usual, I envy your brilliance.

Casey Stadler said...

Aww, you're so nice to me. Thanks pal!