Sunday, June 19, 2011


A funny little monster guy that I like. I was going to fix these up and then post them but it was taking so long, here's the roughs. I have more ideas for him.


Casey Stadler said...

The celery one reads:
Celery and I have a love hate relationship
Things with be going along great
And then...
It betrays me.

The scan is kind of fuzzy so I thought I'd clarify.

Bregelle Whitworth Davis said...

I think this is one of my favorite characters. You need to start a week comic strip about him. If you do I will post them on my blog! :) Tyler and I still quote him on a regular bases.

T.Brown said...

YOU'RE POSTING AGAIN!!!! Yeah.I love the top image of him lit from below. It is very menacing, I would love to see that inked. How have you been? Email me!!!!

uglymuffin said...

Let's see some more posts! I want more She-Man dang it!